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Recently I was asked to share my thoughts on the upcoming trends in App development. So I thought I’d re-post it here on my blog.

1. Enhance app engagement and retention with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning capabilities, setting your app apart in a competitive market.

2. Leverage the power of DeFi and Web3 for a new era of user-centric and decentralised mobile app experiences with blockchain technology.

3. Save time and costs while reaching a broader audience through Cross-Platform Development with React Native, Flutter, Ionic, reducing development time and costs by building one codebase.

4. Embrace the momentum of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in mobile app development, unlocking new possibilities for gaming, entertainment, education, and business applications.

5. Provide a seamless payment experience with Apple Pay or Google Pay integrations, and consider subscription-based models for a steady revenue stream.


1. Boost engagement with AI & ML, outshining the competition.

2. Harness DeFi & Web3 for user-centric decentralized experiences.

3. Reach more users efficiently with Cross-Platform Development (React Native, Flutter).

4. Embrace AR & VR for exciting app possibilities.

5. Seamlessly integrate Apple Pay or Google Pay for easy payments.

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