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See the Pen Abstract 04 by Kurt Grüng (@kurtgrung) on CodePen.

Abstraction involves representing ideas or objects in a simplified or stylized manner, often deviating from realistic portrayal. Artists use abstraction to convey emotions, ideas, or aesthetics through shapes, colors, and forms.

In programming and computer science, abstraction involves creating a simplified representation of a complex system, hiding unnecessary details and exposing only the essential features. Abstraction helps manage complexity and allows developers to work with high-level concepts without being concerned with the underlying implementation.

My code generated abstract forms, are visualisations are created purely from random generative numerics within a framework of variables. The same technique I use in my Modular Synth experiments creating abstract sounds. I have always been fascinated with the avant garde art movements with the unconventional art and the rejection of what is the norm? I love drawing and painting in this style and has ultimately influenced my creative outlook on life.

This animation is created using the Three.js Javascript library.

See the Pen Abstract by Kurt Grüng (@kurtgrung) on CodePen.

See the Pen Abstract by Kurt Grüng (@kurtgrung) on CodePen.

Creative coding is the “avant garde” of the tech world. I actively incorporate generative patterns into my many mediums of work (Code, Sound design experiments with modular synths, even Photography and Art). using concepts such as Euclidean Rhythms/Perlin Noise. I am heavily influenced by the works of Bauhaus Artist Laszlo Moholy Nagy’s photograms. They are created using photosensitive paper and exposing it to light.

Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Photograms [above].

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