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GitHub commit messages, 

It’s common practice to use conventional commit messages to convey the nature of the changes. 

The general format is:

<type>: <description> 

Here are some common conventional commit types and their abbreviations,

  • feat: A new feature for the user or a particular improvement to existing features.
  • fix: A bug fix.
  • chore: Routine tasks, maintenance, and other miscellaneous tasks.
  • docs: Documentation changes.
  • style: Code style changes (e.g., formatting).
  • refactor: Code refactoring, without any functional changes.
  • test: Adding or modifying tests.
  • perf: Performance improvements.
  • build: Changes that affect the build system or external dependencies.

For example

feat: Add user authentication
fix: Resolve issue with login button
chore: Update dependencies
docs: Update README
style: Format code according to style guide
refactor: Simplify logic in the user service
test: Add unit tests for the login endpoint
perf: Optimise database queries
build: Update build configuration

Using these conventional commit messages can make it easier to understand the history of your project and automate processes like generating a change log.