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Typewriter |


Javascript Typewriter Effect 💬

I wrote this script following a Open/Closed Principle (OCP) “Open for extension but closed for modification.” that uses Strategy & Decorator object-oriented design pattern so I can use it on my new Portfolio (which I will be updating soon).

Vanilla Javascript Class
React component
Vue component

Github repo https://github.com/kurtgrung/Typewriter

See the Pen Typewriter by Kurt Grüng (@kurtgrung) on CodePen.


* This was an exploration writing and documenting a script to run “library-agnostic” code.

Following an object-oriented programming principle.

TBA I might just re-write this is a completely in a more simplified way. Just to show there’s no point in OOP in this context (and I will prove it by including Performance & Unit tests). I have been heavily researching into this for the past few months and stumbled across some alarming findings with “CLEAN” code principles (a detailed post coming soon).